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What is this?

It's a tabletop role-playing game! Sorta... This page connects you to the gameplay document for ANNA-X66, a 43-page setting hack/book for Chris McDowall's excellent tabletop role-playing game Electric Bastionland.

Yeah, but how do I get started?

Grab 1 to 5 friends, some typical role-playing dice, a few pieces of paper and pencils, the free Electric Bastionland core rules, and the ANNA-X66 PDF linked below.

What is it even like?

This game features...

  • Character creation tables for 192 combinations of character types (including the Survivor Technician, Vat-born Living Weapon, Void Child Doomed, and Voracious Fungoid). Your new character might inherit traits or an item when your old character dies.
  • Settlements with bustling barter economies: any new item/tool/weapon/snack/trinket can be had, but it might cost you your favourite item, or you might owe the seller an unreasonable favour later.
  • A powerful AI named ANNA, who might be your key to survival. Or ANNA might want you to die horrifically, it's hard to say...
  • Urban hex-grid hell-scapes, dotted with points of interest and populated by unusual traps, pissed-off killer robots, and lost souls. Your characters are strong and clever, so people in settlements want your help. Exploration and solving big problems are how you level-up.
  • It's free!

ANNA-X66 was created for the Eclectic Bastion Jam in August of 2020.


ANNA-X66-RPG_v1.pdf 2 MB

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