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SUNK CITY was created for the Game Jam of the Infinite City (by r.rook) in October of 2020.

What is this?

It's a tabletop role-playing game! Sorta... This page connects you to the setting document for SUNK CITY, a 34-page setting  for ANNA-X66 (based on Chris McDowall's excellent tabletop role-playing game Electric Bastionland).

Yeah, but how do I get started?

Grab 1 to 5 friends, some typical role-playing dice, a few pieces of paper and pencils, the free Electric Bastionland core rules, and the SUNK CITY PDF linked below.

What is it even like?

This game features...

  • Three pre-generated characters, the Vatborn Tactician, the Frozen Zoner, and the Doomed Tentacles.
  • Dozens of locations and sublocations with strange mysteries, hazards, and treasures to unearth.
  • A half-submerged urban hex-grid map, dotted with points of interest and populated by weirdness at every turn. Your characters are strong and clever, so people in settlements want your help. Explore and solving big problems.
  • A giant cabbage-brain-octopus that's searching for someone and destroys anything in its way.
  • It's free!
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Who did the art?

Herror! https://herror.es/

I've now fixed the PDF to include that.