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Sometimes, it’s time to get something done. Other times, it’s not. I mean, it’s really not. No interest. No motivation. No clear plan of action.

Better Not

a game of distractions and consensus building

by Scablands Press

This game was submitted to the Refraction jam (TTRPG) hosted by BlackArmada in November, 2020.

From the game:

"To start, the player who last had to fill out a government form plays The Recalcitrant. The Recalcitrant is distracting themself from a Task with a Distraction. The Recalcitrant describes their current Distraction, and the situation that they are wallowing in to avoid completing the Task. Describe the Recalcitrant’s Venue (location, objects around), Vibe (mood, feelings, ambiance, atmosphere), and Mode (seated and reading, pacing around, half sleeping, watching TV). Describe the awful Task itself in thorough, disgusting detail.

The other players will play the Friends of The Recalcitrant. Describe your relationship to The Recalcitrant, and why you have arrived at this moment. Try to get The Recalcitrant to agree to get One Step Closer to the Task. The Recalcitrant has an inexhaustible supply of Excuses. [...]"

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AuthorScablands Press


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I feel personally attacked how dare you


Really interesting collaborative mechanics. There's a lot to be inspired by here.

I might be right there with you. But writing it did feel cathartic, a little.

Thanks for saying so! I'd like to get back to these kinds of collaborative mechanics when I'm done with the current "trad" game I'm working on.